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Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer 15 Rooms all equipped with TV Cable, Private Bathroom, Hot Water, Fan, Double orthopedic bed, available rooms for two / three beds. Located in the historical downtown of San Jose, near to almost all the bus station to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). A large historical Costa Rican B/W Pictures collection.

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, airport pick up , free tourist information, tours, car rental. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels - cheap and good accommodation.






It's difficult to define FUN. For some, "fun" is staying up all night, dancing "salsa" in a disco and drinking profusely, while for others, "fun" equals staring at a sloth hanging from a tree branch for half an hour. O.K., son I'm presenting pretty opposite types of people, but this bipolar comparison probably got the point across. It's hard to define "fun".

However, one can do his/her best by talking about what most people consider fun when they come to Costa Rica. People can enjoy themselves at occasions when the whole country is having fun, such as during holidays and festivities.

The most popular holidays are: Christmas week (and all of January and December) and Easter Week. During these, most people seem to flock to the beaches, and partying and relaxing are number 1 activities for everyone. During late December and early January, the Zapote fair is held. This giant fair (located in Zapote, near San Jose), offers fire works, roller coasters and other games, lots of food and drink, and even a bull ring, where men chase and dodge bulls!

There are also other fairs that are celebrated at a certain time, usually in a rural town. The Palmares fair in January is famous for its "tope" or horse parade, as well as for its concerts and partying. Another way of having fun in Costa Rica is going to its restaurants, bars and discos. Ticos love to eat, drink and dance, so it's only logical that these places are full of people, especially during the weekends.

There are tons of restaurants, where you can find incredible food for not so expensive prices. Bars also abound, and many serve free "bocas" (snacks) with alcoholic beverages. Drinking age is eighteen, and most bars in urban areas I.D. young-looking people (be sure to carry your passport or a copy of it at all times, not just for entering a bar).

Sundays some bars are dead but restaurants are active and full of people, since this is the big day for family excursions. There are several discos inside and outside of San Jose, since Ticos love to boogey. They dance Latin American styles, like "salsa" and "merengue", but they are also experts at everything from reggae to techno music. Most entrance fees to discos are cheap for foreign standards, and range from $5 to $8; some are even free some nights.

Planet Mall in the Mall San Pedro and Plaza Discotheque in El pueblo, offer varied music, while El Tobogan is a huge rustic ballroom, where salsa and merengue experts show off their talent. Last but not least, Tico family celebrations can be loads of fun. Ticos are extremely hospitable, and once they befriend you, they'll expect you to go to all family reunions. These might be lunches or dinners, when all of the extended family meets, or they might include more relevant celebrations like birthdays and weddings. During family meetings, food, and tons of it is essential, but you won't be expected to bring anything, since you're a guest.

Music and dancing is not uncommon during many celebrations, and even four-year olds will be seen dancing around with their grandmas or some other relative. Don't feel frustrated about the dancing, though, since Ticos are patient dance teachers. For the more mellow visitor, movies are a good option for entertainment. Most of them are located in the San Jose area, though.

Some movie theaters are: Magaly, Mall San Pedro movie theaters and the Cinemark theaters in the Multiplaza Mall. Movies here are often a month or a month and a half behind those in the United States, but they didn't use to get here until six months after their premier in the States. Movies are cheap, since they only cost from $2.7 to $3.80. Food, drinks and the inevitable popcorn are available in most movie theaters.

Therefore, I've tried my best at presenting how people can enjoy themselves in Costa Rica. Of course that they can also have a good time through outdoor activities, but these are discussed in other articles. Social activities are numerous in Costa Rica, since the Ticos are a sociable and friendly bunch.

They are a lot less individualistic than people of other cultures, which implies that they love to gather and enjoy life together, and not really by themselves. Even if you are the loner type, you can still find plenty of spots and opportunities to do what you consider to be FUN.


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